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Visual Design Case Study | National Intellectual Day

Grameenphone Creative

Client Brief

An important visual required for December 14th, “National Intellectual Day”. The visual will be representative of the communication campaign of Grameenphone, “এক যোগে এক সাথে” (Unified and United for one purpose).

The campaign brings out the historical perspectives of the National Intellectual Day while portraying various momentous scenarios especially the Commemoration of executions of Bengali intellectuals. 

About Brand Voice

Grameenphone is the largest Telenor brand in Bangladesh and its parent company is the Telenor Group.

Grameenphone exists to inspire by empowering digital communication and providing their customers the resources to stay connected. The organization aims to improve lives, build communities and secure a better future for all.

While respecting the local culture of Bangladesh, Grameenphone inspires creativity and modernity in their product. They have helped customers achieve their specific needs, keeping their best interests in mind.

Creative Team Discussion

I was one of the core designers of Magnito Digital with Grameenphone being one of our biggest clients. As a part of a great agency, we had several creative experts in our team. To get started with the idea generation, our team gathered for a meeting to brainstorm and share our ideas regarding the campaign. 

In the first half of the meeting, we came up with an idea: if we could use a concept of positive and negative along with the pictures of all the Bengali intellectuals who were assassinated, unified in the shape of the Bangladesh map. Despite the idea being good, we had to give up on it as the design seemed time-consuming and unfortunately, we were in a time crunch . 

The second idea we came up with was that we could do something where we highlighted the evolution of the digital age. For example, in the past, people used fountain pens to write while now we’ve evolved into typing documents digitally. Moreover, showing transformations like changes in communication from paper letters to emails, newspapers to online news articles, paper books to E-books and so on.

As we went back and forth with all our ideas,our team came to a unanimous decision. Ultimately, my idea encompassing the evolution of newspapers to digital news sites was selected.

And the copy with the visual was:  “একই প্রেরণায় এক যোগে, এক সাথে, এগিয়ে চলছি এখনো” (Translation: With one purpose and one dream, we are unified, still marching towards glory”)

Concept Break down

The news about the executions of our Bengali Intellectuals will be displayed on one side of an old newspaper page, signifying the loss of our indispensable individuals. While on the other side, the news about the achievements and accomplishments of Bangladesh and how far we’ve come along after the tragic incident, all displayed on a modern digital tab.

This visual was created under Magnito Digital, the largest digital agency of Bangladesh for their client Grameenphone.

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